Reported by Imran Khan

Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi showing reluctance to register FIR against the Tax evading Importers and their Facilitators in Model Custom Collectorate Appraisement West.

Reliable Sources in Customs told Indus Gazette that a huge Scam of Tax Evasion Detected by the Additional Director Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi Omer Shafique in the last days of previous month when a team of Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi was tasked by him to investigate further for making proper case.

According to the sources it was revealed in DIT Investigations an Importer and clearing agent namely Abdul Majeed was active to clear Smart LED TVs in parts under the garb of Simple LEDs.

Sources further informed that there is huge difference in applicable Duties and Taxes on the clearance of Smart and Simple LED Parts thus this racket was causing the loss to national Exchequer amounting in millions of rupees and Facilitating Appraisement officers of Model Custom Collectorate West were also minting money.

Details available with Indus Gazette DIT team blocked 3 Good Declaration (GDs) for 4 containers KAPW-HC-109069-18-01-2022 container No OOCU7014331, KAPW-HC-109066-18-01-2022 container No OOLU8970045, KAPW-HC- 109060-18-01-2022 container Number OOCU9083429 and CCLU7706032 Imported by Hyder international NTN 3925381.

The Consignments were being cleared at Karachi International Containers Terminal (KICT) where Appraisement Officers Fasihuddin and Masha Allah Kahloon were involved in clearance as a Examiners where as in Collectorate Group Appraisement Officers Aadil Javed and Amjad Khan were engaged with the assessment procedure it also surfaced in Investigations that Item SMART LED TV Parts were being declared as SIMPLE LED TV parts by examination staff with less quantity as well as Exchequer was being leaked by wrong assessment.

according to the investigation outcome the alleged Mastermind A Majeed using different licenses of clearing agents from the market and The above mentioned GDs were being cleared by utilizing Daniyal Agencies CHAL No. 1700.

At the end of the day it was interesting that all the investigations and hard work to collects evidence seems to go in vain because after initial inquiry FIR has not been registered yet.

on the other side involved Custom officials of Model Custom Collectorate including Importing party have been reportedly claiming that no case could be initiated against them as they are not alone in corruption the money they make it goes to high ups.

Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi has brought evidences of 10 Million Tax Evasion in 4 Containers of 3 Smart LEDs Consignments.

A senior Official said that if soon a proper case is registered to investigate this scam thoroughly it can possibly drag out the “Elephant” from Cave because whatever has came out on surface is only a “Tail” because this network is getting its consignments cleared from all the Three Modell Appraisement including East, West and Port Qasim for long so it is certain that it has already caused the National Exchequer huge loss worth in Billions.

official further went that these all facts could be easily uncover by registering a proper FIR to start the legal procedure for collection of all the GDs record for scrutiny but delaying the FIR would be benefiting suspects as it will spoil the evidences.