Indus Gazette

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has completed the procedure of clearance of import from tariff area to EPZ through WeBOC instead of OneCustom.

A copy of SRO available with Indus Gazette reads as “The investors and tariff area exporters were facing difficulties in expeditious clearance of their import consignments from tariff area to Export Processing Zone (Form-E) in the absence of WeBOC module. In order to overcome these bottlenecks, web based module in WeBOC has been rolled out on February 04, 2022 for clearance of import consignments from tariff area to Export Processing Zone, Karachi”.

it further goes as “In view of the foregoing, all stakeholders are hereby intimated that WeBOC module for import consignments from tariff area to Zone (Form-E GDs) is available w.e.f. 1st March, 2022 for Karachi Export Processing Zone. Accordingly, no Form-E GD will be processed in One-Customs except with prior permission of the competent authority on or after 08.03.2022. The investors/ tariff area exporters/clearing agents are required to make necessary arrangements in advance accordingly. In case of any assistance or query about the said module, the office of Assistant Collector (KEPZ) can be approached well in advance to ensure smooth roll out of the new WeBOC module to avoid any unforeseen issues”.

It ends here as “This notice shall be applicable for fresh GDs filed after 00:01 PST on 08.03.2022, whereas, all GDs filed prior to roll out of this module shall be processed as per past practice in One-Customs. The department shall not be responsible for any laxity on part of any stakeholder”.