By: Imran Khan

Karachi: There has been an increase in the theft incidents in imported consignments at the Karachi International Containers Terminal(KICT). Terminal staff and customs personnel have been allegedly suspected to be involved in these thefts.

KICT, File Photo

Sources said that M/s Rehman Trading Company imported a consignment of hair accessories and artificial jewelry in the last few days. According to the bill of lading, 560 cartons of hair accessories were imported into the consignment, but some artificial jewelry was found after checking the consignment.

The cartons were stolen, and Karachi International Containers Terminal staff and Customs staff are allegedly involved. The affected importer said that incidents of theft of goods from import consignments at Karachi International Containers Terminal are often happening.

Neither the terminal administration nor the customs authorities take any action on complaints. The affected importer said that he had requested the Additional Collector posted at the terminal to provide the CCTV footage taken during the consignment inspection to identify who was involved in the theft of goods from the consignment.

The elements are involved because, according to the bill of lading, the theft of the goods in the consignment has been done at the terminal, which allegedly involves the people at the terminal and customs.