KARACHI: As the “Sextortion” on the rise worldwide, in Pakistan cases are continuously surfacing on daily bases.

On 24th of march when a team of FIA Cyber Crime Circle Quetta, on the directions of Additional Director FIA Cyber Crime Ahmed Zaeem, tactfully trapped the alleged Person Sami ullah and detained him in a raid conducted on faqeer Muhammad road Quetta and registered a case against him. The suspect was involved in blackmailing a government servant young boy by threatening to upload his alleged inappropriate video on social media, on the same day the FBI warned of “Sextortion” schemes targeting young boys.

In a brief warning issued by FBI on Thursday it has been stated that Sextortion can start on any site, app, or game where people meet and communicate. In some cases, the first contact from the criminal will be a threat.

The person may claim they already have a revealing picture or video of a child that they will share if the victim does not send more pictures. More often, however, this crime starts when young people believe they are communicating with someone their own age who is interested in a relationship or with someone who is offering something of value. The adult will use threats, gifts, money, flattery, lies, or other methods to get a young person to produce an image.

Further more, after the criminal has one or more videos or pictures, they threaten to share publish that content, or they threaten violence, to get the victim to produce more images. The shame, fear, and confusion children feel when they are caught in this cycle often prevents them from asking for help or reporting the abuse. Caregivers and young people should understand how the crime occurs and openly discuss online safety.

Interestingly right after two days, on Saturday another information of another case issued by FIA Cyber Crime Wing Baluchistan that CCRC Quetta constituted a raiding team consisting of IP Masood Ahmed, ASI Bebarg and ASI M.Humayoun took action in Faisalabad and successfully apprehended two accused persons Sufyan Maqsood and Ali Hassnain.

The Accused person lured the complainant by portraying himself as a girl and got access to obscene content related to the complainant. afterwords on pretext of obscene videos the accused person was demanding money from him. Accused person extorted Rs.94,000 from complainant which were deposited by complainant in bank accounts.

According to the details FIA Cyber Crime Reporting Center Quetta received a written complaint from victim Muhammad stating therein that about two weeks ago he received a friend request from Facebook account titled as “Pari Jan”, and after accepting friend request, they had some chat and started doing video calls to each other through Facebook messenger, during the video calls alleged person recorded the obscene video of complainant.

During enquiry proceedings bank record of alleged account was obtained from concerned bank which revealed that the alleged bank account belongs to Sufyan Maqsood and alleged transaction was also traced in bank account statement, which transpires that alleged person Syfyan Maqsood was involved in the scam.

Permission for registration of case was granted by the Additional Director FIA CCW Baluchistan, Quetta. Ahmed Zaeem, Hence, the case FIR. No 15/22 u/s 14,20(1),21(1) of PECA 2016 r/w 383, 420, 109 PPC, has been registered against both suspects for further Investigation.

It is worth mentioning that PM Imran Khan while his speech during OIC meeting in Islamabad said, citing the growing incidences sex crimes and child abuse in Pakistan, he further said that Upon investigation, it was discovered that the sort of pornographic material available to children on phones were causing havoc in society.