By: Imran Khan

slamabad: One Customs official has been dismissed for facilitating smugglers, while two other were also punished.

The Federal Board of Revenue has dismissed an official for misrepresenting the place and date of receipt of smuggled goods and deliberately concealing vehicles used in smuggling. The official dealt directly with the owner of the goods.

According to the notification issued by the FBR, the inquiry proved that Inspector Imran Farid of the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement, Lahore, raided and seized vehicles carrying smuggled goods on November 17, 2021. Still, he hid the goods from the department.

He negotiated directly with the owner while setting the date of action on November 19 to give him time for the case.

According to the FBR, Inspector Farid failed to submit separate inspection reports for each vehicle stopped. As a result, Farid was dismissed by the FBR.

In the said case, the authorities have also awarded minor punishments to Inspector Muhammad Saeed Saber and Superintendent Nasir Zaman Raika.

Muhammad Saeed Sabir not only failed to inform his senior supervisory officers but also conspired with his associates to misreport the facts and figures of the case.

At the same time, Nasir Zaman concealed the important facts of the case, which was also attempted, as a result of which the salaries of both the officers were cut for the last three years.