Reported By: Imran Khan

KARACHI: The Directorate of Customs Intelligence has successfully detected a big gang involved in the supply of smuggled liquor but the masterminds of the network are still at large.

Details available with the Indus Gazette, revealed that the group has been activated province wide from Metropolis, has several dumping points in the bungalows of Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi.

An team of the Directorate of Customs Intelligence Karachi had arrested two key suspects of the network Mukesh Kumar and Wasir Abbas, red handedly when they were on the way for a delivery of smuggled foreign liquor in huge quantity from DHA few weeks back.

According to the details the Directorate’s team on 20th January, after receiving a secret tip, carried out search at bungalow No. 103/1, Phase-IV, DHA, Karachi and seized large quantity of foreign origin liquor, the raid resulted into the arrest of two suspects Mukesh Kumar and Wasir Abbas who were brought to the I&I Karachi office for further interrogation along with seized vehicle and liquor.

The suspect there disclosed that the owners of the goods were Vakesh Kumar and Khalid Soomro, and that further quantities of liquor were similarly secreted at bungalow No. 54/11/II-B, 27th Street, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi, and bungalow No. 53-C, 5th Street, Phase-I, DHA, Karachi, upon there their pointation teams conducted two premises and large quantity of foreign origin liquor was seized.

From all three premises teams recovered 372 cartons, 2201 bottles, 3480 cans worth over 600 million, in further procedings two more accused persons have since been arrested, however, the main accused, including Vakesh Kumar and Abdul Khaliq alias Khalid Soomro along with five others, are still at large meanwhile the Directorate of I&I has submitted interim charge sheet.

According to the investigation thus far, the aforesaid three bungalows were being used exclusively to store and distribute smuggled liquor through an entire network of persons, including some who managed to smuggle the liquor to the said bungalows and others who used to received orders from clients and others who made deliveries.

investigations further revealed that arrested suspects Mukesh Kumar and Wasir were managing the books, registers that recorded such supplies, orders and distribution  Vakesh Kumar.

Under the command of Director I&I Karachi the investigation officer has presented the solid charge sheet and last week a single bench of the Sindh High Court (SHC) dismissed bail petitions filed by suspects.