Reported By: Imran Khan

KARACHI: The Federal Investigations Agency (FIA) has arrested prime accused persons including Ayesha Mirza, involved in defrauding the J.S Bank Ltd by obtaining illegal loan amounting up to 55 million from Gold Finance Scheme on fake and artificial ornaments.

According ton the details available with Indus Gazette, the Corporate Crime Circle of FIA Karachi, here on Friday, has registered the  First Information Report (FIR) number 09/2022 under section 3 and 4 of Anti Money Laundering Act 2010, upon conclusion of an offshoot enquiry, against Ayesha Mirza the mastermind, Fatima Lyba the daughter of Ayesha Mirza, Saima Fahad Tanviri the sister of Ayesha Mirza, Sohail Mirza the Brother of Ayesha Mirza and Farah Mansoor the Branch Manager J.S Bank Ltd and others.

Documents revealed that this instant case is outcome of case FIR No.987/2021 dated 03.08.2021 of Police Station Shahrah-e-Faisal, which was registered at FIA CCC Karachi on receipt of a reference of case of money laundering.

It further goes as “Consequent upon enquiry No.98/2021 of FIA CCC Karachi, it has been established that from the month of March 2021 to onward lady accused Ayesha Mirza, involved in case FIR No.37/2021 of CCC, Karachi, in connivance of her other accused Farah Mansoor, the Branch manager of J.S Bank Ltd, accused Adeel Latif, accused Jason, accused Waleed Ahmed @ Waqas, accused Daniyal Jabbar Relationship Manager, accused Safdar the Cashier, accused Zulfiqar Ali the operation manager of J.S Bank Ltd Gulistan-e-Johar branch, Karachi and others defrauded the Bank amounting upto 55 millions”.

It surface during the enquiry that accused Ayesha Mirza was the master mind and played very vital role of this entire fraud scheme and was main beneficiary of the major share of proceed of crime up to the tune of Rs.55 Millions by obtaining from illegal loan i.e., J.S Bank fraud on the basis of fake/ artificial gold, she also was involved in case FIR No.37/2021 of FIA CCC Karachi on the charges of laundering the proceeds of crime, as Ayesha Mirza in connivance with her daughter accused Fatima Lyba, placed proceeds of crime amounting to Rs.110 Million approx into the joint account and subsequently, the said amount was used to acquire various movable and immovable assets and other purposes.

The prime accused, Ayesha Mirza also transferred the proceeds of crime amounting to Rs.5 Million to her sister Saima Fahad Tanviri through gift deed in March of previous year, furthermore, lady accused Ayesha Mirza further transferred 38,000 US Dollar to her brother Sohail Mirza based at USA through gift letter four months ago for purchasing a property located at 820 Simon Drive Plano, 75025-2541 Texas.

Meanwhile, Farah Mansoor the branch manager J.S Bank Ltd Gulistan-e-Johar Branch Karachi was also proved the beneficiary of the proceeds of crime who acquired property from her share bearing Flat No.G-003, Capital Residency Islamabad.