Indus Gazette Report

KARACHI: Large Taxpayers Office, Karachi has made history by showing a remarkable achievement of collecting unprecedented Rs. 1,003,449 (Billions) Rs. 1.0034 (Trillion) in all taxes during the period July 2021 February 2022 as against Rs. 692,680 Billion collected previous year showing an overall growth of 45% vis-à-vis overall collection made during the same period last year.

Overall budget target assigned to LTO Karachi by the Federal Government for
the period July 2021 to February 2022 was Rs. 920,190 Billion against which LTO
Karachi has achieved Rs. 1,003,449 Billion Rs. 1.0034 Trillion which is Rs. 83
Billion in excess of the assigned target.

During the month of February 2022, Large Taxpayers Office, Karachi (Federal Board
of Revenue) has also surpassed budgetary target fixed at Rs. 105.5 Billion by
collecting gigantic Rs. 107.233 Billion (all taxes) against the target fixed by the