Reported by: Imran Khan

KARACHI: After the registration of FIR in Directorate General Intelligence and Investigations against M/S  Paracha Textile Mills in smuggled Irani cooking oil case a show cause notice has been served by the Customs Adjudication Karachi.

Director General Intelligence and Investigations Karachi Saqif Saeed, while talking to Indus Gazette confirmed that a seizure was made few weeks ago.

According to the Show Cause Notice, team of Customs Intelligence & Investigation Karachi kept surveillance on the warehouse of M/S Paracha Textile Mills (Meezan Oil) and later searched the premise after fulfilling all legal formalities.

During the search of the premises, 152 tons of smuggled Irani cooking oil was found along with two Suzuki pickup vehicles. The value of the cooking oil is Rs 62.24 million, meanwhile Syed Faisal Mehmood of M/s Paracha Textile failed to provide any documentary evidence proving legal import and possession of the commodity. The goods were detained.

According to the sources, Irani cooking oil is very sub-standard and it is sold at Rs 60-70/liter in Iran and it is sold in Pakistan at Rs 400 per liter which is providing huge benefits to the network from smugglers to retail sellers.