Meeting of Core Committee of Dairy and Cattle Farmers

Indus Gazette Report

KARACHI: Price of per letter milk renewed to Rs 160 by Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association from first of March.

TO Settle the new prices, an urgent meeting of Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association was held yesterday under the chair of Mubashar Qadeer Abbasi which approved the new prices.

according to the Association’s declaration price increased Rs 620 on per 40 Kg which means Rs 16.53 will be be burden end consumer has to bear.

Shakir Gujjur a core member, while talking to Indus Gazette said that “we were compelled to do so, because of increase in input expenditures, the recent retail price of per letter milk is not sufficient for Dairy and Cattle Farmers to survive their business.

he further elaborate it “we are demanding and complaining to the relevant quarters for long that the Export of local feed included Chara and Bhoosa should be banned but there is no one to listen our voices.

he goes further that “instead of listing to us for local needs the export of local produced feed has been surged up to UAE and other neighboring countries and we have to import animals feed on higher rates, which resulting to increase the cost of production.