Infected Animal. File Photo

Indus Gazette

Lahore: The Dairy and Cattle Farm Association (DCFA), Pakistan has said that Lumpy Skin Disease has been entered Pakistan and there should be strict ban on animals Transport from and To Sindh and Karachi to Prevent and Protect Spreading of the Lumpy Skin Disease in Other Parts of the Country.

According to the details, a vaccine called Lumpy Vax has also been demanded for healthy animals, 50 km outside the affected area. To prevent futher losses in KPK Punjab and Baluchistan.

The association says newly purchased animals should be tied separately for 15 days ( Quarantine ) until it is clear that such an animal don’t have any Lumpy Skin Disease virus.

The Lumpy Skin Disease virus spreads from the infected animal’s saliva and Stable Fly stings or bite to the healthy animals.

The Farmer should know about How this virus spread, so proper control of the epidemic ensure.

The Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by illnesses of up to 50 percent and death rate up to 2%, it said adding that slaughtering of infected animals is not a good practice because the virus is also present in stable fly.

The virus can also be transmitted from saliva of infected animal.

The epidemic is new in Pakistan, so for a local vaccine have not been developed against

It has been said that the disease has been entered Pakistan. There are infected cattle in most of the enclosures of buffalo and super highway cattle colonies. All farmers should work very carefully. There is no legally registered medicine for this disease so far. Only Vaccine to healthy animal and Hygeine can work.

Symptoms of the disease are high fever, runny eyes, difficulty in walking and Pox like skin rashes,

The disease is caused by a virus called Lumpy skin disease virus which belongs to the family of Goat Pox v

The disease can occur in any season, but in summer it is very common.

It is more common in summer because the summer Stable Fly bites transmits the disease from a sick animal to a healthy animal. The disease is also spread by saliva in the mouth.

Separate the sick animal and apply antibiotics. Keep cleaning the shed. Proper disposal of Animal Feed left over , Dung , Cutting of Shurbs and Herbs in and out side of your farm. vaccinate your animals if the Lumpy skin disease Hit an area which is away from your animal 50 kilometers outside the affected area.

A vaccine to control the disease in which the virus is transmitted 50 times through calf kidney and 20 times through chicken embryo, vaccine should done only to healthy animal. A bit Fever and A bit drop.