LAHORE: Daughter in law of PMLN Law Maker and close friend of First Lady Farah Khan purchased USD 0.24 Million in the 9 months of 2021.

Previous year, when dollar caught height against the Pakistan currency, the government ordered an extensive enquiry against the elements involved in capital flight.

During that proceedings, FIA acted upon after receiving a report form Financial Monitoring Unit (FM) pertaining the individuals who purchased US dollars from different Exchange Companies in bulk.

in the exercise, in October 2021, the FIA served notices on 100 individuals in Lahore alone, Farah Khan was also one of those 100.
The FIA Corporate Crime Circle Lahore on December 4, 2021 issued an inquiry notice No. CCC Circle/USD Inquiry/2020-21/534. Through this notice, Farah Khan was asked to explain the source of funds of this foreign currency.

The notice reads as“FIA Corporate Crime Circle Lahore is conducting an inquiry No70/2020 on USD hoarding/ shortage. As per credible information available with the investigation officer/ team, you deposited USD cash total amounting to USD 249,650 from 1st January to 30th September 2021. You are therefore, hereby required to appear in person or through a representative (Accountant only) on Tuesday 7th December 2021 at 10:30am at FIA office, 1-Temple Road, Lahore, without fail before the investigation team and bring along with relevant bank statements and inform this Agency whether the aforementioned foreign currency is presently held by you in your foreign currency accounts or otherwise. It is clarified that this legal notice does not entail the disclosing of the actual source of funds utilised for purchasing the aforementioned USD cash. A failure to comply will entail that you are unwilling to disclose the actual purpose of purchase of the USD cash”.