By: Imran Khan

Karachi: Export Processing Zone Authority foiled the attempt to transfer goods illegally. EPZA has started legal proceedings by registering a case against M/s AAA Packages Director Mohammad Fayaz Hanif and Export Manager Mohammad Fahad.

According to the sources, when Export Processing Zone Authority stopped and cross-checked the vehicle of M/s AAA Packages, conventional computer plates weighing 800 kg were found in 55 cartons in the vehicle, which were exported from EPZ without paying duties.

Sources said that when the driver was interrogated, he stated that the goods being illegally transported out of the EPZ were loaded from the same unit of M/s AAA Packages at Export Processing Zone, Karachi.

The withdrawal was carried out without legal documents and payment of duties and taxes. The investigation has revealed that in the recent past, the said unit is the only unit in Export Processing Zone Karachi that has imported computer plates (CTCP).

Earlier, the unit was involved in a duty-free scheme in Export Processing Zone Karachi and had imported the goods under “rejected plastic rolls” and tried to clear the through misdeclaration, on which a case was also registered against the said company by the Collectorate.

The accused have been smuggling illegal goods without paying duty and taxes. Sources say that the investors/accused persons of the said unit, Export Processing Zone, Karachi, are used to misusing the concessions given by the Federal Government.

It should be noted that the said units deliberately try to violate the provisions of the Customs Act, 1969, and the rules connected in addition to that.