Reported By: Imran Khan

KARACHI: Federal Investigations Agency (FIA) Immigration Karachi has handed over the PML(N) Senator Chaudhary Tanveer’s custody to Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab here on Saturday around 1 am at Karachi Airport.

Reliable sources deputed at Karachi Airport informed Indus Gazette that the team of Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab arrived at Karachi airport around 11 am and after taking the custody of Chaudhary Tanveer they flew back at 3:05 pm for Lahore on Flight Number PK-304 to investigate him in Land Grabbing Case.

Senator Chaudhary Tanveer in FIA custody at Karachi Airport

it is pertinent to mention that FIA Immigration staff posted at Karachi Airport offloaded and detained PML(N) Senator Chaudhary Tanveer on Friday while he was trying to flee to Dubai.
The documents available with Indus Gazette reveals that the Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab registered FIR against Chaudhary Tanveer on 8th of current month and raided his house in Rawalpindi on Wednesday night to arrest him but he was not found there.

According to the FIA sources in Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab Chaudhary Munir’s name was put on PNI List on the request so that his possible escape could be intercepted.
The FIA against Chaudhary Tanveer’s company indicates that the case for approval of Wallayat Complex as a Town Center Scheme was submitted in RDA on 31.08.2009 for an area measuring 199.5 Kanals in Mauza Kotha Kallan, Rawalpindi.

Then the operation was carried out by teams of Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab on the identification of Sharah e Aam land Revenue Department. During the operation, 25 Buildings were sealed. Out of 25, the 15 owners broke the Seal and, therefore, 15 FIRS were registered in PS Rawat on 21.02.2020.

meanwhile the perusal of record clearly indicated that proper demarcation of land was not carried out by the Revenue administration and relevant RDA staff at the time of approval which resulted in inclusion of Shahrah e Aam land within the Wallayat Complex and gave undue benefit to the Estate developers.

FIR further reads as “Similarly, the subsequent layout plan violation and commercial activities on public spaces within the Wallat complex have also caused revenue loss to the Government.

In addition, ownership within Wallayat Complex transferred trough mere allotment letters and transfer fees are being collected by the management depriving Government of its due share of revenue which may run into several hundred millions if calculated from 2010. 9. In the light of above, it is requested that legal action may please be taken against the Estate Developers, Management, owners of Wallayat Complex and those official who may be found responsible for not protecting the interest of the Government in the above matter”.